2017 Music - for Allison


This is an edited version of the main music page - jewishtyler.com/klez - just for you.  These are the songs you will be singing.  At this point, I am stuck on keys - so I hope these are okay.  I look forward to seeing you Tuesday the 28th at 7pm for rehearsal.

Please note that I don't have recording for Sunrise or Rainbow below.  I assume you know them.  The sheet music is on the right.

Also - the first song - Ale Brider - I just want you to sing "Oy Oy Oy..." in the final run of the chorus (bottom of the 2nd page).  Don't worry about the other lyrics - I will sing them. 
And - I will be leading Hava Nagilah - I just included it in case you want to sing along at the end.  

To peace,

Ale Brider in Am

Sunrise Sunset

Light One Candle

Rainbow Connection

Be A Light - NEW in "F"

Hava Nagilah

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