Beth El Choir,

On this page are mp3s (downloadable if you want) of all the songs for the February 7th Choral Shabbat service at Beth El.  
Next to the songs is all of the sheet music.

(There is a final file at the bottom of the list with all the songs merged into 1 file if you want.)

All of the recordings are from previous year's services and one from the High Holy Days (Hava Nashira) - except the final song - Adonai Li (with flute) - but it is the same arrangement.

Megan - there will be additional Friday night songs for you only that I did not include in this list (Candles, Barchu, Mi Chamocha, Aleinu)

Thanks for being part of this service!

To peace,
Neal Katz

Hava Nashira

Tzadik Katamar

Lecha Dodi

Shema - And You Shall Love


Shalom Rav

Elohai N'tzor

Lechi Lach

Adonai Li

All 9 Songs Merged - 1 File

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