Beth El Choir,

On this page are mp3s (downloadable if you want) of all the songs for the February 10th Choral Shabbat service at Beth El.  Next to the songs is all of the sheet music.

Some of the recordings below are from previous choirs at Beth El, but most are recordings of the MIDI files from the sheet music. It's not perfect, but hopefully, it will help guide you. 

NOTE: The first recording below - Or Zarua - is keyed up to match the sheet music.  So - it sounds like chipmunks singing.  The original video (different key) is on the right - just so you can hear it (singing starts at :38)  
When we meet, we can move the key around if that is an issue.

See you this Sunday,
Neal Katz

Or Zarua

Tzadik Katamar

Lecha Dodi

Shema - And You Shall Love


Shalom Rav

Oseh Shalom

Lecha Adonai

Eitz Chayim

Lechi Lach

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