2017 Music


Please use any previous year's music if you have it.

A couple notes....Please click here for the performance set list

The set list is correct on the right side of this page - with the PDFs - but there are a couple recordings missing below (Sunrise & Rainbow).  Also, remember some recordings may sound funny because they have been pitched to match the sheet music

Also, please note that "Be A Light" is in a different key (F) than before

I can print anything beforehand or at rehearsal if needed.  (I will have extra copies of everything on-hand)

Ale Brider in Am

Freilich Dance

Der Sharver Sher

Oifn Pripchik

Terk In America


Firn di Mekhutonim Aheym


Sunrise Sunset

Ki Va Moed

Gesher/Esa/Am Yisrael Medley

Ocho Kandelikas

Dreidle Dreidle

Light One Candle

Rainbow Connection - full score

Rainbow Connection - Lead Sheet

Be A Light - NEW in "F"

Bessarabisher Bulgar

Ani Ole Lirushalayim

Khosen Kale

Hava Nagilah

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