Here are the 2 songs I would like for you to play during the Chanukah service. 

Chiri Bim - the sheet music is below.  And I have included an mp3 of the MIDI file - along with me singing to you can get a feel (although I won't be singing it at the service - it is just so you can hear.)  BUT....please listen after the song is over - as I have included a separate singing of Part B - which is freestyle - so you can get a sense of how it should sound.  Make sure you listen after the song.

Chiri Bim - Beth El
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Maoz Tzur - the sheet music and mp3 are below.  Basically, the song repeats 4 times on this track (which will be playing the night of the service).  I will sing the first pass in Hebrew - then Micah will play the second pass on sax - then you will play the third pass on trumpet - then I sing the 4th pass in English.  

In the recording, your part starts right around 2:09.  (you will play along with the recording at the service)  

The first page of the music is the actual song - the 2nd page is the part that you will play during your pass.  I hope that makes sense.

Maoz Tzur Instrumental - Beth El
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