Beth El Torah Silver - all of it needs to be cleaned - but after many years, there are dents, a missing bell, and parts that need to be re-soldered and/or tightened. The details are in the picture gallery (click on the picture to enlarge - and that is where you will see my comments).  The details are also reposted in the text below the gallery.

Please email me a bid on fixing/cleaning - and a time frame - to - or call me at 903-372-2686.


Neal Katz

Crown Set 1 >
Tarnished / need to be cleaned
Tops are bent in - need to be straightened
+ missing the hanging bell on the right side of the crown 


Crown Set 2 >
These just need to be cleaned - there are no hanging bells on the lower body
+tops to be straightened

Crown Set 3 >
need to be cleaned and (1) stem+bell needs to be soldered back on and (1) bell need to be replaced

Crown 4 - big crown > 
Cleaned and symbols on top need to be straightened
Floweret need to be re-attached to crown (just needs a nut on the back)

Breastplate 1 >
The largest Breastplate - needs to be cleaned and tightened up
A section is loose from the plate - needs to be re-fastened with a screw

Breastplate 2 >
Needs cleaning

Breastplate 3 >
Needs cleaning

Breastplate 4 >
Needs cleaning + front piece needs to be re-fastened or soldered - the detail is loose on the right side.

Pointer 1 > 
Needs cleaning

Pointer 2> 
Needs cleaning

Pointer 3 > 
Needs to be cleaned and fix dents on top

(NOTE: Pointer 4 is non-metal – not included in this)

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